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  • The all-round department within Reesink Production is the Construction department. This department produces a big diversity in steel products for other departments but also for other machinery manufactories and civil building companies.
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  • KAWECO is a premium agricultural machinery brand directed on agricultural transport and processing of sand, silage and slurry. KAWECO is completly built and developed by STAJA. In the Benelux and Germany the distribution is done by Kamps de Wild.
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  • Reesink Production builds many different HIGH-TECH products, such as KAWECO agricultrural machinery, TopLiftStaja hook arm container carriers. We also build other semi-manufactured products for other companies.

Welcome by Reesink Production B.V. and Staja Constructie B.V.

As solid as steel, as all-round and flexible Reesink Production is. Outgrown from a regional company to a steel supplier with an international distribution network.

You can see the versatility when looking at the different products leaving the factory in Hengelo. The products include steel molds for concrete and plastic industry, concrete armouring, parts for machinery building, but also agricultural machinery (KAWECO and TopLiftStaja), drilling machinery for seismologic research and also dredging ships.

The activities are not restricted to the production halls. Reesink Production is also active in construction work, maintenance and repairs on location, both inland and abroad. In all these aspects Reesink Production presents itself as a fast, flexible but above all a reliable supplier.